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The deadpool itself is a simple thing. It's so simple, it's almost beautiful. It goes more or less like this:

Pick 40 people that you think will die in the coming year. Obit-worthy people. Real-obit-worthy. Not blog-, Facebook-, Twitter-, Tumblr-, whatever-worthy. New York Times, Washington Post, Daily Telegraph, Guardian, CNN, that kind of obit-worthy. Picks that don't get a legitimate obit when they die may not be accepted for scoring.

Put those 40 names in alphabetical order. Check your spelling. (For simplicity's sake, the default spelling source will be Wikipedia. If your pick doesn't have a Wikipedia entry, that's probably a sign that you should consider picking someone else.) Order them last name first, then first name, followed by a brief (fewer than 10 words) description in parentheses. Then number your list from 1 to 40. If you have more or fewer than 40 names, you're doin' it wrong.

A properly prepared list should look something like this:

1. Bush, Barbara (former First Lady)
2. Bush, George H.W. (41st U.S. President)
3. Bush, George W. (43rd U.S. President)
4. Cheney, Dick (former Vice-President)

A few words about pick eligibility: Picks may be rejected for any or all of the following reasons. Good questions to ask yourself before submitting a list include:
When you've completed your list, send your list as text in the body of an email (i.e., not as an attachment or spreadsheet) to, with the email subject line "[your player name]'s [year] Deadpool List." For example, if your player name is "Hulka" and you're submitting a list for 2017, the subject line should be "Hulka's 2017 Deadpool List." ***Important: You must include your real name, your player name, and your contact email address in the body of the submission email.***

Only one list per player, please.

Lists must be submitted by 7 P.M. Eastern time (4 P.M. Pacific time) on December 31. All submitted lists will receive a response, either acknowledging that the list is good to go or requesting replacement pick(s). If for some reason you don't get a response within a day of list submission, please contact

For scoring rules, please see the scoring page.

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